What is Blye Cranial?

Blye Cranial Technique is based on the concept that we undergo daily low-grade inflammation due to the neurotoxic lifestyle that we lead. This inflammation increases the pressure of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. In order to adapt to these pressure changes the bones in the skull move. If they aren’t moving correctly then the pressure in the skull increases and the brain will be compressed caused electrochemical disturbances. If they aren’t adjusted, then the patient may develop symptoms relating to which plate is stuck.

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Common Symptoms of Cranial Subluxation

The solution is two-fold to correct these subluxations. First identify the fixated plates by performing stress testing to each plate and looking for a reactive short leg. This means having the patient apply fingertip pressure to each plate and move the scalp in the direction that Dr. Hendrickson asks.

If the plate is locked the leg will shorten in the direction that is stuck. Then Dr. Hendrickson will adjust using and adjusting instrument and re-test to make sure it is clear. There are 8 separate bones and over 56 potential areas to test.

Second is trying to identify the emotional, chemical, and environmental causes of inflammation. Through patient education and reflex leg testing Dr. Hendrickson hopes to identify a few correctable lifestyle causes of the inflammation for each patient and reduce the long-term need for cranial adjusting.

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Why Dr. Dave?

This technique has been limited in teaching due to Dr. Blye retiring so Dr. Hendrickson is one of a few doctors in the south sound area certified in this technique. He has been practicing this technique since first being trained in it in 2005 and just finished an updated training in April 2023. Each client that comes in will be evaluated for spinal problems and cranial subluxations.

If you have not had results with chiropractic for some of the above-mentioned conditions or have never had a cranial exam for fixated skull bones now is the time to call for your evaluation.