There’s no secret to the fact that if you’re physically active you’ll have a healthy life. Our grandparents have been saying it to us their whole lives; doctors hang posters that say this on their walls and schools try to make us physically capable of running around just for this reason. Life is full of movement, but a more accurate description would be that movement makes life. It keeps your body in check and keeps it working in peak condition. Just the mere act of movement has been directly linked to longer lifespans as well as slower aging. So, when you find a 70-year old Arnold Schwarzenegger that’s more powerful than you in your 20s, don’t be surprised if he says that his secret to staying healthy is just jogging in the morning (even though we know it’s so much more than that).

Jogging, exercising and even walking are pretty good ways of staying active.

But, one certain way that a lot of people often overlook is chiropractic care.

This may not be fully apparent, but chiropractors can also induce movement in your body which can have the same effect as running around playing football. However, there’s another side to this story. Bones and joints of the spinal cord can only move around if the spinal cord is in impeccable condition with perfect alignment. This doesn’t just improve your mobility, it has much deeper effects such as slowing down degenerative forces within the body. And, how can you possibly keep all of your bones in the right place? You guessed it, it’s chiropractic care.

Degenerative changes aren’t something that just happen suddenly. A very specific set of events need to occur in order for this to happen. First off, a certain vertebra in your body needs to start changing its positioning. This starts the firing of a certain nerve in the brain; and that nerve starts sending stress signals to the affected region of the body. This usually means the spinal cord, but it could be any other bone or joint in the body. The brains communication with those parts starts becoming somewhat choppy and messages can become interfered. This is when things start to take a turn for the worse. Within just a few hours of the vertebra losing movement, degenerative changes start occurring.

It was proposed that there’s some sort of one-to-one connection between damaged joints and extensive wear.

A research was conducted to test this claim by using animals as the subjects. The animals all had reduced mobility in areas around the spine and experienced an increase in scar tissue. The scar tissues starts creating an adhesive fluid that further immobilizes your joints. If left untreated, this transforms into something that’s an actual medical emergency. The degeneration will reach a point where the body starts to reshape the structure of the bone. Irreversible damage starts taking place somewhere around the eight week mark when immobility reaches it maximum. At this stage, you will be reaching the critical stage of immobility and you will need to start utilizing exercises to promote proper movement and halt the degenerative process.

Chiropractic care can help you reverse the degenerative process by creating movement in joints and bones that severely need it.

These fixated bones are called subluxation and these subluxations require regular movement to reach the same level of activity and mobility. Every person has a specific level of bearable adhesions. Once these adhesions have been met, the only foreseeable future is permanent nerve damage and degeneration. Chiropractic care allows you to prevent both of these scenarios. The patients can break apart these adhesions with the help of chiropractors and start to really have great effects on the mobility of the patient. This isn’t just supposed estimations. There have been research conducted that clearly expressed that these claims are totally accurate. And, there is some chance that you might be able to completely reverse the effects of degeneration of your body and walk out after completely restoring your body to its previous state and form.

Sure, degeneration is never good news. However, it can be bearable for just a few weeks. But, after a certain period of time, the risk of permanent damage starts going up, by a lot. If the affected region stays untreated for about four to eight weeks, there’s almost twice as much chance that this ailment will change your body in the long term.

The finest solution to induce this treatment into your body is chiropractic care.

Sure, there are other medicinal ways as well, but if you’re looking for something totally herbal and without any involvement of drugs, then chiropractic care might be your best shot. Talk to your local chiropractic expert and formulate a health care plan that involves regular sessions. Chiropractic care is one of the only treatments in the world that will get rid of your problem for good. You won’t be just putting it off for a few years. If you’re implementing on the exercises given to you by your doctor as well as regularly visiting the physician, you will never suffer from any nerve or joint related problem again. And, even if you’re not suffering from degenerative changes at the moment, chiropractic care is proactive and will make sure that they never become a problem for you and your body. In short, chiropractors are there to ensure long lasting health, mobility, and quality of life for you, and your loved ones as well.

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