Interesting thought.  This week during patient care this theme came up frequently.  When patients asked me what else they could be doing to help themselves stay in correction longer this idea came up.  How much are you willing to invest, change, do, and analyze?   All of my clients get adjusted.  Most of my successful clients get adjusted on a scheduled time whether it is weekly or biweekly.  This allows me to manage their care and see how their body is dealing with stress and give them tips based on my analysis and 20 years in practice.  More successful patients also do posture correction exercises at home and change negative lifestyle habits.  Other clients work out regularly, change their diet, add in yoga, get massage on a scheduled basis. My least successful clients are the ones that come in infrequently, still expect the same adjustment results even though the problem has gotten worse, think that just because they woke up with pain yesterday it should go away with one visit.  They are relying on other people to get them healthy and not themselves.  Then if it doesn’t work it’s someone else’s fault not theirs.

Really how big you want to play is up to you.  Everyone has the time to get adjusted, receive massage, go to the gym 3-5 times weekly but we all are guilty of one thing…procrastination!!  It’s easy to buy the ticket that medicine is selling, don’t worry about your lifestyle we’ll fix you with a miracle drug or surgery and you can eat, drink, and smoke what you want.  It’s easy sit at home and watch tv, eat high carb foods and feel happy.  We all know where this train is going to derail … poor health.  If you want to receive the best results in chiropractic and other health care professions then take care of yourself NOW.  If you want to spend the least amount in healthcare then do the things that will keep you out of the system. Our office has been successful for years in changing their life.  In fact a patient just the other day said she came in for back issues and was giving me 6 months to fix it, we did and now 6 1/2 years later she enjoys the benefits of regular chiropractic care as part of her health lifestyle.  Just imagine a nation of healthy people instead of a nation with a health care crisis!

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