A huge portion of the population in the world is never involved in any major motor accidents (thankfully). However, minor accidents like fender-benders happen every single day.

They aren’t particularly harmful if you’re wearing a seat belt and probably the only damage you think you’ll suffer is a few bucks to get the bumper replaced.

However, that isn’t the only expense you’re actually paying. You might only be spending a few bucks for repairs, but as a matter of fact, there’s problems being born that will cost you far more than money.

Even these minor accidents can cause something called Whiplash Damage.

While Whiplash Damage might not be as severe as life-threatening car crashes or completely render you immobile, it’s still something you want to stay far away from. We’re going to go through a little bit about minor accidents and whiplash damage down below and finally end with the perfect solution to these ailments. Let’s get right into it…

Major Cause of Spinal Problems

You might think that major injuries like trauma, broken bones, etc. would be the most common cause behind spinal problems. But, as a matter of fact, most back problems are caused by minor damages to the spinal cord over an extended period of time. These micro-traumas might not be as devastating, or even cause small amounts of discomfort immediately, but their effect in the long-term is really threatening to your health and well-being.

The thing is that “slamming the brakes” is probably the worst thing in the category of minor accidents. Worn out axels and tires of a car can also cause consistent minor trauma. And, no matter how minor they might be, the body does indeed have a reaction to them.

These minor trauma accidents have shown signs of degeneration, early aging and wear and tear in the spine. The surprising part is that, unlike literally every other physical injury, the patient actually has no idea how or when the injury could have taken place. Those patients have trouble pin-pointing the exact time that they could have suffered those injuries.

The truth is that this isn’t even possible. They didn’t face those injuries at one time, they suffered those injuries over the course of months, even years. Low-impact vehicle accidents can actually cause serious long-term injuries that you don’t feel right away, like disc degeneration, bulges and protrusions.

Research Indications

A research was conducted to study the difference between healthy subjects and whiplash victims. Two hundred participants were part of the research, hundred belonged to either category. The participants were aged from 18-53 years with an average age limit of 35 years. The group of healthy individuals included people that had never been involved in any low-impact accidents nor did they ever show any symptoms of containing such an injury. The other category was the exact opposite. It belonged to people that not only had suffered from such an injury, but the injury had taken place in the past 12-14 weeks. The results of the study can be summed up through the following table:

100 Healthy Subjects Minor Trauma Victims Disc Herniations 2% 28% Frontward Range of Motion 50 degrees 25 degrees Backward Range of Motion 60 degrees 35 degrees Loss of Good Neck Curvature 4% 98%

The study definitively concluded that folks that are involved in frequent low-impact accidents are soon to be patients of severe medical conditions. These spinal issues, even though they might not be painful enough to “be worthy” of a treatment, need to be addressed before they get a chance to evolve into a major problem.

These problems are usually painless, but they take a fair bit of time to transfer into permanent problems after they take their toll on the body’s natural defense mechanism and regeneration process.

There’s no other possible physical injury that develops as gradually and as tremendously as spinal injuries.

If you don’t believe us, start believing the numbers. Folks who are involved in a series of minor accidents lose more than 50% of the total range of motion in their spine, lose 25% of neck curvature and suffer from fourteen times more disc herniations as compared to normal folks that haven’t been in an accident recently. If these numbers did indeed prove to be alarming and you want to make sure that such a problem doesn’t come up in your life, then there’s one very simple solution to all your ailments. And, that solution is chiropractic care.

The Solution

So, if you’re also suffering from such an injury, the only solution is to get the only treatment in the world meant to treat problems right before they have a chance to affect your body; and that is chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care has the power and the means to ensure that you don’t suffer from long-lasting effects of even the most severe of accidents.

Chiropractors can help you regain range of motion, completely halt the process of degeneration and improve the central nervous system as well. It doesn’t matter whether you were a victim of a life-threatening car crash, or a minor accident, chiropractic care, in addition to regular drugs, will help you recover substantially quickly. Moreover, chiropractic care also ensures that the problem being treated doesn’t relapse a year or two later.

Chiropractors usually recommend certain exercises or activities that could very easily be enough to prevent any problems later on in your life. As we said before, chiropractic care is one of the only proactive treatments out there in the world. No matter how severe the injury might be, chiropractors can make you life that much easier.

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