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Chiropractic is a profession based on finding nerve interference and allowing the body to heal itself. When your spine is overstressed from physical, emotional, or chemical stress it can develop a condition called subluxation. This is where the spine is out of normal alignment and is causing nerve malfunction. A chiropractic adjustment is then performed to allow the vertebrae to return to a more normal position, relieve nerve pressure, and allow the body to return to its natural healing state.

Chiropractic wellness is where we help the patient try to find the cause of the subluxation. If you go out and bang your head on the wall and create a headache you can come in, get adjusted, and get relief. But if you go out and bang your head again, and get a headache, and get adjusted what should you stop doing to break this cycle. I find that most subluxations are a result of lifestyle and if we can work together as a team and change your lifestyle we can get faster, more permanent results.

Chiropractic has been successful for many conditions ranging from the neck and back problems to ear infections and digestive disorders. In order to determine if chiropractic can help you a consultation, computerized exam. And x-rays may be performed to determine is a subluxation is present. If one or more is present there is a good chance that chiropractic may be successful for you. One study showed that over 90% of patients were extremely satisfied with the results they received with chiropractic. Contact us today.

In most cases no. By analyzing x-rays and your examination the doctor can use the appropriate technique to get correction of the subluxation with the least amount of pain. If your have significant inflammation in your spine so that it is extremely tender to touch the doctor may use an adjusting instrument to make your adjustment less painful.

Chiropractic has been very successful for kids since it’s inception over 110 years ago. Common pediatric conditions such as ear infections, bed wetting, and colic have responded successfully to chiropractic care. In our office we have seen hundreds of kids and keep Saturday hours so families can come in for care. Some of the reasons your child may need to be checked early in life would be that by the time a child is three the have had over 200 head traumas, 50% of infants have fallen of a changing table, or couch, as well as the doctor grabbing and twisting the head during the birth process. These all have the result of potentially causing the spine to misalign resulting in poorer health for your child. This is why in our office chiropractic is a family affair. Contact us for an appointment today,

After the doctor analyzes your condition he will outline a care program based on what you hope to achieve out of chiropractic. This will consist of adjustments, in office rehab, and home exercises. If we don’t address the muscle patterns that have grown used to holding your spine out of alignment they will try to pull it back to its original position. So your consistency in performing home exercises and following the care plan will get you the fastest results. Also as the doctor works with you he will recommend lifestyle changes involving exercise, nutrition, posture improvement, and stress management tools to help create a different lifestyle than the one that created your problem.

Chiropractic care in our office is based on your health goals. Some patients only want pain relief while others want to correct their problems and lead a healthier lifestyle. Once the doctor determines if he can help you then you can discuss what type of care you want and how that will help you.

Cranial chiropractic is where the plates of the skull are analyzed for subluxations and adjusted if appropriate. Since 80% of your nerve system resides in your skull it is important to make sure that your brain function is optimal to get the best results from your care. The doctor is certified in Blye Cranial technique and in addition to adjusting your whole spine he may determine that this technique will help you and if so will discuss its potential with you.